Malvika Raaj on first V-day post wedding: We’ve been celebrating it for 10 years

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Newlywed actor Malvika Raaj, known for her iconic role as young Poo in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, is all set to celebrate her first Valentine’s Day post-wedding with her husband Pranav Bagga. “He should plan something special for me. But jokes apart, yes, we have planned to go on a short trip. We want to go to a national park and go on a safari as we have never done that ever before in India. We have gone to the one in South Africa and Kenya, but there are such good ones in India as well. There’s Ranthambore, Jim Corbett, and many more. We will definitely get some nice sightings of animals. We both are nature lovers and have been wanting to do this for a while now,” she shares.


malvika raaj first valentines day

Marriage seems to be treating Malvika well, as she expresses, “Marriage is so much fun and it’s going great. I am living it. It’s the best thing to live with the person you love. Now that it has happened finally, we both are really enjoying ourselves.”

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Valentine’s Day holds a special place in Malvika’s heart, and this year’s celebration is extra significant for the couple. “We believe in Valentine’s day as we are hardcore romantics. We have been celebrating this day every year for so many years. This year is a little more special because we are husband and wife now, and not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore. We dated for 10 years and then got married. So, we have been celebrating V-day since our first year of dating till now.”

Recalling their previous celebrations, Malvika shared, “Earlier, we went for romantic candlelight dinners, once he had booked a very pretty boat for me, once we went trekking. So, we do things where we get to spend a lot of time together and tick off the bucket list as well.”


While Malvika believes in celebrating love every day, she admits to being a bit cheesy when it comes to Valentine’s Day. “I don’t believe in celebrating your love just one day; it should be celebrated every day. But, since there is a dedicated day only for that particular reason, then we are quite cheesy that way.”

As for the Valentine’s Day gift, Raaj shares, “I think my gift is to plan this whole thing (trip) and gift it to him as an experience.”

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