DAVP Rate Card

1. (a) This Rate is valid from : 01/01/2016 to 31/12/2018
(b) Circulation Accepted : 15544 [ Fifteen Thousand Five Hundred Forty Four]
(c) Agreed Rate per Sq.cm : Rs.13.4900 [ Rupees Thirteen and Paise Forty Nine Only]
(d) Net Rate after agency discount of 15% to DAVP : Rs.11.4700 [ Rupees Eleven and Paise Forty Seven Only]
    (Additional discount of 10% for UPSC & SSC advts)
(e) These rates will be revised in case of any change in the basis of calculation.
2. The publisher will not offer a lower rate than this to any other advertiser. DAVP will automatically reduce the rate accordingly.
3. Circulation figures and other information provided by the publisher, if found incorrect later, may lead to stoppage of Government adveritisements, recovery of payments and any other action deemed appropriate by Government.
4. Payment will be made by DAVP as per actual space used, on receipt of published copy of the advertisement along with bills.
5. Refusal to publish advertisement released by DAVP may lead to cancellation of empanelment.
6. The publisher shall intimate immediately to DAVP of any change in printer/publisher/size/periodicity/language/place of publication, etc.
7. The publisher accepts all the terms and conditions of the Advertising Policy of the Government as amended from time-to-time and notified on the website of DAVP http://www.davp.nic.in
8. The rates for colour advertisements will be higher by 40% as compared to the rates for black and white advertisements.